Kenny Stills dilemma

What to make of Kenny Stills?

I really liked him in the Draft as the Fins will play from behind most of the season.

Now all I’m hearing is Trade chatter and potential roster bubble.

Do I drop him for a 2nd TE (Hooper) or Cuff Aaron Jones? He’s my WR7 but I’m trying to deal away Curtis Samuel & Dede for a 3rd Rd RB. Which would leave my with Mecole Hardman & Stills as my only Backup WRs

Starters are ODB, Juju & Woods

Stills is not going to do anything for you. Dump him. Pick up Hooper. The TE landscape is so barren I’m surprised he’s on waivers. I’d had to give up both Dede and Samuel. You have great depth with them. Deal one for an RB?

Hooper just got dropped. My starter is Mark Andrews who might be a stud this yr, might not. My standing trade offers are dede+Samuels for either Damien Williams or Devonta. I’m not expecting too much there tho.

Thanks for your advice

Who are your RBs now?

Aaron Jones, Ekeler, Duke Johnson, Henderson, Justice Hill so could be a bit iffy

You are thin at RB. But I’d hate to trade both Samuel and Dede. I would dump stills for Hooper. Hope either Samuels or Dede has a great week 1 game. Then trade only one of them for another RB. Won’t be Damian or freeman but someone.

Sounds good. Hooper is a given as my waiver priority is 1.

So what kind of RB are we talking about?

Henry for Henderson+WR w/ Gurley owner?

Possibly Cohen if Mo tgomery blows up week 1?