Kenny Stills droppable?

Would you drop Kenny Stills in a standard league.

My other Wr’s are Diggs, Josh Gordon, Marvin Jones, T. Lockett, and Coutee

Following, I was considering dropping him as well.

My reply would be he still has a recognizable enough name that I’d hold him to hope he pops one more week and then trade as a 2:1 package. That being said, I have him. I’m waiting. I may have to drop him…

This week or bust for me

I don’t think they throw the ball enough and when they do they spread it around. I think I’d rather have a guy like Sanu or Keelan Cole

Stills was never really roster worthy for me. Nightmare to own. He does have more value in standard leagues but even then, I’d rather let someone else deal with him.

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So you’d rather own a guy like Sanu or Cole rather than stills?

I think Sanu this week, but Cole ROS

Yeah I’d rather own both those guys. They’re all WR3/flex plays. With those types of players, i’m not looking for home runs, I just want like 7-10 points to not lose my week. Ryan grant is another guy in that bucket. And chester rogers when Hilton is out. Luck throws the ball more than any other QB. On pace to shatter the single season record set by stafford in 2012. He’s making replacement level players relevant. That’s how good luck is. I want pieces of that passing offense.

@abaker87. I hear ya my friend…right there with ya. Been sitting on him myself, BUT…this is it!!! I’ve had it and I’m D–O--N–E, DONE, DONE, DONE with him as of today. I’m using him as a drop to try to grab Ekeler, Lockett, Sanu or Keke from WW tonight.

Oh man add Ekeler immediately!

@abaker87. Got him!!!

And not only that, I went in and did a major over-haul of my team this morning after going 2-3 this past week. Maybe I shouldn’t have on a couple of them, but I did and it’s done. LOL

Just not real patient with those that start to become nothing more than just a nice bench warmer week after week after week. And with all the Byes coming up I need some bench warmers that I know are more probable than not to help me out in my starting roster rather than to hinder me.

Anyway…here’s what I did:

dropped Stills for Ekeler

then later:
dropped M Williams for Lockett
Lamar for Wendell Smallwood
Alex Smith for Bortles

LOL…I’m sure somebody is picking their jaw up off the floor after reading that I got rid of Lamar. But…anyway…it’s done and I don’t think I’m gonna regret it. Only time will tell. :smirk: