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Kenny Stills


How confident are you starting Kenny Stills tonight?

What if Parker remains out?

Would you start him or TY Hilton?


I say Hilton <3


I would go with Hilton. Both are boom or bust.


@Abdullah_Oblongata @iTradeful Even with Matt Moore at QB? Stills has a TD in each game played with Moore.


yeah that’s true in this case really listen to you’re heart what tells you to PICK ME!


True. I have DeVante Parker and was really high on him until he was injured. So I feel like Stills has filled in pretty well. I have to fill a WR and a flex.

I have:
Funchess, Hilton, Stills.

I have quite a bit of options on the waivers as well:
RB: Gore, Powell, both Oak RB’s, Cohen, White, Lat Murray
WR: Fowler, JuJu

I am pretty torn. Too many mediocre decisions.


I agree. If you have a gut feeling, Go with that! Interested to see who you go with and the outcome!


Thanks for the feedback you two. I think I am going to go with my gut and go with Stills. If he busts then I know I need a boom from TY instead a consistent WR. Lets go Moore! haha


LOVE IT!!! GL man!!!


Went with Stills and he got me 9 points somehow with how bad the Dolphins looked. my opponent played Ajayi and he only got 6 points so I will take that as a W.