Kenyan Drake for Robby Anderson?

I’m the disappointed Drake owner. I’ve got a bit of RB depth, and nothing for WR depth. Is Drake for Anderson a decent trade or am I still giving up too much despite Drake’s slow start?

My RBs are: David Johnson, Edwards-Helaire, J, McKinnon, R. Mostert, D’Ernest Johnson, and Brian Hill (cuttable if need be).
My WRs are: Robert Woods and Julian Edelman. (Yes, that’s it…)

What do you think?

I think it’s a fine trade based on his performance so far. If anything his poor performance might not even net you a Robby Anderson, but you do have the depth to sustain such a trade.

I think that’s a good enough trade. If you could get Parker, Chark, Fuller or McLaurin that would be even better but you need some WR depth.

Thanks for the replies. I’ll see if the Robby Anderson owner is on board.