Kenyan Drake or AJ Green

I offered a trade that was AJ Green for Kenyan Drake. I wanted to know if that was a good trade. I understand that AJ Green is usually drafted higher, but Drake could go off and be way more valuable in the long run. It is a Dynasty 1 point PPR league. I should note that both teams have the players to make he trade (in other words, both of us do not necessarily need a running back or wide receiver desperately).


I would 100% not sell AJ Green for Drake. Feel free to sell Green for an appropriate return, but that is not it.


I agree with @fun4willis - that’s not an adequate return. If Green was, say, your 4th best WR and you had Doug Martin starting at RB then sure. But I don’t think that’s the case here.


My issue mainly was that if Drake continues his production from last year, he would be a better option than Green, and I don’t have any reason to believe he wont continue that.

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This is an interesting one. I’m about as high on Drake as anyone I’ve seen, and I get the concerns about Green, but I still couldn’t do it straight up. I’d need something else.

That said, I definitely see a path for this being the right move, I just wouldn’t bet on it.

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Do you guys have a good reason? I’m just trying to numerically figure out a logical reason. If drake continues what he did last year for the whole year (because he was a committee back and didn’t play till like week 8), he would’ve outscored green. Now that he is the starter, is there any real reason he wouldn’t be better?

By the way, I was not clear, but I would be getting AJ Green. LOL

@erik613 Ha, that was not clear. I would abso-friggin-lootly trade Drake away to get Green.

Green has a guaranteed role. He is the team’s WR1. Drake is all about potential.


Agreed with fun4willis. Dont forget, gore will take away some touches from drake so his upside will be capped imo.

That’s true, but does the league being a Dynasty one change anything? Green is 30 years old. And Gore will take carries, but how many realistically? I’m sure they would rather give it all to Drake if they can because he is younger.

Green is an elite WR who happens to be constantly underrated. His age does not currently bother me one bit. That said, for dynasty, if you are not a contender I would be actively shopping him. I was able to trade Green recently for a 2018 1st, a 2019 1st and Tyler Locket. As a contender I would hold him.

Green is safe and you know and seen his upside for an entire season/career vs Drake which is an unknown where we only saw a handful of games. Dont forget he couldnt beat out williams when ajayi was traded to the eagles. If your team is weak or could be better at WR pos then i would want green especially if your are good and stable at RBs once considering drake is gone.

I do not believe that he could not be out Williams. That seemed to be simply bad managing that they did not make him the starter. He was much better in all aspects and averaged way over 4 ypc

The Dolphins loved Williams, and no one could ever understand why. I think the moves they made this off season confirmed they’ve seen the light. Neither one of the other backs on the roster are guys you should reasonably expect to be a big part of your offense this year. Ballage is a project. Pure and simple. Gore is a dinosaur and a place holder/veteran roster filler.

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If you’re getting green, I’m taking green all day and never looking back. Lot of unknowns with Drake. He’s obviously got the talent but for some reason the coaching stuff making moves that question their commitment to him as a workhorse back. Green has zero competition and is the undeniable WR1. Last year was a down year. Don’t really see anywhere to go but up.

Same here, and I said so in my first post:)

No way I would make that trade. AJ Green could be a top 5 WR. I am not a fan of the Dolphins offense, and they felt the need to bring in Frank Gore and draft Kalen Ballage to take touches away from Drake.

So AJ Greens age doesnt scare anybody because this is a Dynasty league?

Aj Greens age is a a limited concern. What concerns me more is Drake being on the Dolphins and his only good showings being due to injury and end of season playing. Drake didnt get a chance to play until Williams was injured, they not only signed Gore but they drafted Ballage. Whether you believe in either of those 2 really doesnt matter because the Dolphins coaching staff obviously dont see Drake as their guy with the moves they made.
On my point of Drakes production coming at the end of the season, once defenses watch tapes on him they will stop him more and the Dolphins lost Landry in the slot. Amendola is not going to scare defenses half as much as landry so that box will be stacked.
That will be an RBBC for sure. Gore will get all goal line carries and Ballage will be worked in in some way.

No it does not. It means that they needed more than 1 RB on the roster, which is all they had before bringing those guys in.

DO NOT DO THAT. Oh, dear God, do not do it. Drake will not own that backfield, and the dolphins will NOT be good for at least a decade.