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Kenyan Drake or AJ Green


Yea, he really will. There’s no one else on the roster good enough to seriously challenge him. That said, the rest of the post I agree with. Wouldn’t do the trade and they probably won’t be very good.


AJ Green is the far superior value here, regardless of anything. Do not OVERemphasize age, as @JasonFFL talks about often. (I know in dynasty it’s different as age is a factor, but don’t give up a veteran stud for a young guy simply because one is younger.)

I just looked at dynasty start-up rankings on three sites. AJ’s overall average rank was 15.7 (13, 17, 17). Kenyan’s overall rank was 62 (48, 54, 84). Regardless how you slice it, you’re looking at a consensus top-20 dynasty asset for a borderline top-50 one. I don’t think there’s any question here. AJ has a far superior value, and could be flipped for a much more solid RB value (or a package) if RB is what you need. Drake simply isn’t the right value.

Take AJ all day.