Kenyan drake or alex Collins in the flex?

Need help deciding between Kenyan drake or alex Collins in the flex.

Lev bell is my rb1
Carlos Hyde rb2

Thanks footclan!:muscle:t3:

Close but with the injury to Pitt LB R Shazier, I lean to Collins a bit. Plus the Ravens seem more committed to running the ball than the Fins do and they have a better O Line. The Pats have a way of neutralizing a teams most dangerous weapon so Drakes floor is lower

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I think Drake as he is the only show in town. Also he is very involved in the pass catching game as if they get blown out it won’t matter. Collins could very well be on the bench if the Pitt offense clicks and they put a bunch of points up. Give me Drake 10/10 times

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The patriots do shut down the #1 weapon really well. Collins has been on fire lately I was just worried if they fell behind and started passing the ball.

Thanks sir, just replied to your post :metal:

This is what I was leaning towards originally because he’s involved in both running/passing and since Damien Williams is out drake will definitely be used as #1

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My gut says Drake.

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Same… but Bellichek