Kenyan Drake Trade Options

Someone is offering me either Jimmy Graham or Tyler Lockett for Kenyan Drake. Should I make the deal, and for which player?

My Team:
QB Newton Dalton
RB Hunt Mixon Howard Breida Drake
WR Beckham Allen Davis Jones Jr Amendola
TE Reed Howard

Advice please

It’s not really an upgrade for you. Graham and Howard and similar. Lockett is similar to Davis and Jones Jr. When a move is lateral, I like the side getting the RB. So stick tight unless you get a real upgrade at TE or WR.

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Appreciate the advice! Was leaning towards declining, and I think graham might lose some value with Cobb and Allison coming back

He is now offering out Ridley. Does this change perspective?

I don’t think Ridley gets back to his pace earlier in the season. I think it is just as likely that Drake breaks out. Gore is old and Dolphins are hurting at the skill positions. Unless you get a legit WR2, I would not do.