Kenyan Drake Trade?

Hi all,

This is not actually a fantasy trade proposal question. Rather, I’m wondering why the Dolphins don’t just trade Kenyan Drake? It seems like he’d be a big upgrade for the Texans or Colts. Why aren’t there more trades in the NFL in general? In baseball there are tons of trades. It seems odd and somewhat unfair to the player if they aren’t going to be used. Anyone have any thoughts on a Drake trade? Any other trades you’d like to see occur? Drake to the Colts or Texans seems like a no-brainer.

Football has seen more trades recently, but for a lot of reasons they happen less in the sport. Money(salary cap on top of that), shorter season, learning playbook as opposed to just playing your position in a different stadium, etc.

They probably wouldn’t get much for him anyway, and by now most teams have their backfields in order. The Colts have Marlon Mack returning soon and they drafted 2 rookies. The Texans spent money on Lamar Miller, they could be hoping Foreman gets back to form, their other backs are okay and they can keep them without giving up more than they need to.

I personally would love to see the Colts trade for a receiver. I have Luck and Josh Gordon. I could not believe the Colts wouldn’t do better than the Pats to get Gordon together with Hilton and Luck. Not only for the Colts, but for my fantasy team, lol. That blew my mind, but football is just weird with trades.

I guess what I’m saying is it seems like a nominal investment from the team making the trade for a chance at huge upside (i.e. Colts, Texans). The Colts run game is complete trash, same for the Texans. Either of these teams could have a juggernaut offense if they could get an RB.