Kenyon Drake / Chris Thompson ROS

I have Chris Thompson and was offerd drake straight up. should i take it?

I think I’d rather have Thompson and play the match up then play drake and be scared to play him all year. He’s the amari Cooper of rbs

I think I agree, although PPR or not makes a difference. In PPR, I say Thompson. AP can go down any time. Only issue is with AP still there, there will be weeks like this past one where Thompson does absolutely nothing. At least Drake sees touches no matter what. I think PPR you take Thompson (if you have a bit of RB depth) and Standard you stick with Drake.

My bad Half PPR

There is a guy in my league that has both Thompson and Drake and I’ve been trying to trade with him… I’ve tried every combination to make it work for Thompson and haven’t even paid attention to Drake. Stick with what you got!

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Thanks for the advice guys.