Kepper this year!

Should I keep Round 7 Derrick Henry OR Rounf 9 Adam thieland ?!?
12 man league and really leaning toward Henry right now !!

That’s interesting. Both are solid values. Full disclosure, I’m a big Henry skeptic, so I’d probably go with AT, but based on where they’re likely to be drafted, Henry is also a great value.

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Exactly man! But I’m torn because Henry always averaged more then Murray with like half the carries! But then Adam thieland is the go to guy WR behind Kyle Rudolph of course, But if Kirk cousins comes to town I’m not keeping AT

A ton of Henry’s production came from long runs when the game was over and defenses were making business decisions about tackling a 240 lb RB. He has talent, but I don’t know if he’s going to explode with a feature role like most seem to assume. I’d be trying to pump him up and dump him.

IIIIIIIIiiiiiIiiiiIiiiii’m… hooked on a Thielen. My gut says Henry will be a bust this year.

Henry will start but they will bring in another back. I would go with AT. You can always get Henry later and still get value with him, or another RB.