Kerryon and Cooper Kupp for Melvin Gordon

Who wins this trade? I currently have Johnson and Kupp. It’s a half ppr dynasty league. I could use a top RB, but I’m wondering if I’d be giving up too much.

If I’m “reading between your lines” correctly, I’d say you feel like you’d be giving up too much and I agree. With Kerryon & Kupp so early in their careers AND Gordon being closer to the end of his and susceptible to injury, it seems like you’d be giving up too much value.

Good luck and love the Dr. Steve Brule avatar!

Gordon is the play.

That said, on a rebuild I might prefer Kerryon and Cooper.

On a contender, Gordon all day. That is an extreme underpay. Anyone who says differently is overvaluing Johnson or Kupp, in my opinion.

I would way rather have Gordon side of the trade. Even if it is a rebuild, you could trade him for more than what you are giving up for him.

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