Kerryon + drake for dj?

Clan, thoughts on DJ ROS? I’m currently 6-0 - my RB’s are M. Gordon, Conner, Kerryon, Murray, Drake and Foreman. Was offered DJ for Kerryon and Drake. I’m high on Kerryon and feel Drake will eventually find his way. But the DJ name is just enticing lol

Thanks guys!

Bell owner also offered Ingram for Conner

Do it now before that owner finds out that McCoy was just fired. I think DJ will still be a better back than Kerryon rest of season and I believe what you’ve seen with Drake is what you are going to see this season, he might have those games where he gets a long TD and 20 points but he is also going to give you less than 5 points several weeks in a row, the infinity stone Gore has been looking decent and getting more play than Drake. I think right now is the worst you’ll see DJ and his season will start to turn around from here

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I would also take that immediately, its shaping up to be a good week for you.

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id take either the dj trade or the ingram trade or both lol

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I’m hoping to land both at the same time lol so neither backs out haha

go get it!

Accept times two and never look back!


sealed the deal on DJ. Now have to bank on Byron Leftwich :frowning: in hopes he will put DJ in the right position to succeed

Still working on that Conner deal lol

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