Kerryon + Edleman for Adams

Should I sell high on Kerryon to lock down another WR1 with my current roster? Or try to move Howard instead (obviously lower value). 12-Team non-PPR. Their team has DJ, Royce, and Tevin so struggling at RB

My Roster:

QB: A-aron
WR: AJ, Jarvis, Edelman, M Williams
RB: Melvin, Kerryon, Marlon, J. Howard, Ito, Doug Martin
TE: Kelce

What do they have that you can get

Their Roster:

QB: Rivers
RB: DJ, Coleman, Ekeler, Royce
WR: Davante, Kupp, Sanders, Lockett, Godwin
TE: Reed, Engram

I’d rather sell high on Mack Bc I think Kerryon is better but sure you could sell high on Kerryon too. I’d ask for Tevin too tho so you can have that tandem and not have to worry abt anything . And yeah then also target Sanders. Or do something even cheaper for you to get Kupp