Kerryon for Deshaun?

Someone proposed a trade wanting Deshaun Watson for Kerryon Johnson.

My RBs are McCaffrey and Freeman with Singletary my 3rd option. For the first 4 weeks, it’s felt pretty thin.

My back up QB now is Daniel Jones and the QB streamers are pretty bleak. Winston went yesterday.

I’m super thin at WR with Lockett and Tate as my starters (Lost AB). I’m thinking I should accept this trade and worst case scenario flip a RB in Johnson or Freeman for another WR. Thoughts?

Any special bonuses or ppr?
Jones has been a good play. I like kerryon over the others besides CMC. And maybe flipping after in a couple weeks for a WR or 2 with someone in need of an RB.

Ppr league

Kerryon should get you 12+ with it being ppr. I like the trade. A top QB helps but if your RBs only get 6 you’re not winning.

See if he’ll throw in a lower wr or something too if he’s desperate

He also has Damien Williams.

Who do u think is more valuable

Instant accept. Always take a High end RB for a QB. I got worried after trading Dak week one and streamed Dalton and then Winston the next three weeks and have been happy with the decision. I got James Connor in return and am worried about him long term. But my side of the trade has outscored his every week. I know QB’s are going to hit the waiver wire, and I am prepared to pick up one or two along the way as needed.

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Hit accept now. Don’t even think about it. I don’t care how “bleak” your QB streaming options are. A top end RB is ALWAYS worth a QB.

Thank you. I accepted.

Now I’m running with Daniel Jones or try to trade for a reliable Qb without giving up too much knowing the value of QBs.

I have been kicking around with one of the guys who has Brady and Rivers and flipping Delanie Walker for Brady. I picked up Graham who is a rental at best until Adams is back…do you guys think moving Walker for Brady and just streaming TEs from here out is worth it or stick with Jones and Walker? Jones has Minnesota and Green Bay next two weeks and I’m 2-2.