Kerryon + for DJ Moore +?

10 team dynasty 0.5 ppr deal. Who wins?

DJ Moore, Devin Singletary


Kerryon Johnson, DeSean Jackson, 2020 3rd

I’m big on Kerryone and DJ Moore, but I think Jackson has the best chance of being useful. At least more than Singletary.

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KJ side wins this by quite a bit.

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You’re not worried about the whole “I don’t want to be a bell cow” sentiment that Johnson has been telling the media?

You’re the only one on here that rivals me in terms of Kerryon love (LOL) but I’m starting to wonder about that.

Just because Kerryon isn’t getting 20+ touches a game doesn’t mean he won’t be a stud. KJ, AJ and Kamara are similar types of RBs in my eyes. Not in terms of value obviously cause Kamara is in that elite tier but they are all backs with great contact balance, great vision and more importantly, elite burst. Those are the traits that make them so efficient with all of them averaging well above 5 ypc and even more per catch.

Kerryon at 16-18 touches per game is more than enough for me to buy into him as an RB1 and given he is barely 22, I’ll take that over DJ Moore given I can just get samuels for a much cheaper price.

And if he happens to approach that 20 touches per game, then all the better.

Kerryon side wins. And it’s not even close.

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trust me, I believe in Johnson’s talent, I’m just concerned about usage. I’m sure I’ll convince myself by draft day to ignore that feeling and go with him lol

His usage last year was just fine. If you pace that out to 16 games, he was still a low end RB1. And you know with Bev coming in, total rushing attempts are going to go up. The dude averaged 280 attempts for his lead back as an OC. Even if KJ only gets 250 conservatively, with his talent and efficiency, I’m all in. And let’s not get off track here. The conversation is KJ vs DJ Moore. It isn’t whether or not KJ will lead the team in touches. Devin Singletary too me won’t even win that backfield. I’m betting Yeldon takes it or in the worst case, if McCoy isn’t cut, none of them will be relevant. So getting the 2020 3rd and Djax on top is just the bonus. I’d take KJ over Moore and Singletary straight up easily.

I’m always going off track… but the reason I was asking your opinion was only as a way to anchor the “KJ side” argument. I do like Moore but even WITH my concerns over the conversation in Detroit I’d take KJ Jackson and the pick.

Always just looking for alternate view points that can further bring the discussion into focus for both OP and those of us invested in the topic.

I like me some Moore too. Love both players. In the context of this trade though, I think its KJ in a landslide.


Johnson / Jackson near term.

Moore / Singletary long term.

I do not see either as a bad side. Just depends on if you are win now or rebuild.

Thanks everyone. I got the Kerryon side but think it’s close based on dynasty values. I’m not the highest on Moore but realize he can be a potential high end WR2 in the near future.

It’s a startup dynasty league and I feel like I had good draft so gearing all of my moves toward a win now approach

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