Kerryon for Fournette trade

I have been offered Kerryon Johnson for Fournette.
I think I might go for it. Any thoughts?

until Kerryon starts receiving the reps he deserves i would hold off on that. I think you might be able to get more value for fournette considering we are only 4 weeks into the season

My bad, I meant to write it the other way round.
I have Kerryon, and the Fournette owner has offered that trade

When fournette comes back he should be good but we have to hope he comes back soon, Detroit backfield is rough could be a while for kerryon still

I think you should do that then

I’m leaving heavily to that side of the trade.

If you have the Rb depth/record to survive 2-4 weeks without Fournette I would definitely do that deal. Cash in on the Kerryon hype.

I have Ingram, Lindsay, Aaron Jones, penny and Miller. I’m definitely good to go! Thanks guys

O yeah pick up Fornette he could win your league

This is actually interesting. I know the Fournette owner in my league is extremely frustrated… would offering them something like Michel or Breida for Fournette be a good idea? Could be a good time to buy low.