Kerryon for Kittle

Being offered Kerryon Johnson for George Kittle

My roster:
RB: DJ, Sony, Collins, Lewis, Powell
WR: OBJ, Shepard, Fuller, C Davis, Williams, Fitz
TE: Ertz, Kittle
QB: Goff, Stafford

Trade Roster:
RB: Kamario, Barkley, Mixon, Kerryon, Montgomery
WR: JuJu, Diggs, Marvin Jones, Cobb, DJax, Ryan grant, Geronimo
TE purgatory: walker, Doyle, dissly
QB: Brady

Accept? Counter?


I would accept. He’s in a good situation and should only see his workload increase. You have Ertz anyway, I would do that in a heartbeat.

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Agree with @nfalcon1
I would accept that trade

Since he’s that desperate for a TE I’d try to get Mixon instead of Kerryon.

I too would accept that, but can we take a second to look at how great that other team is? Good luck beating out that guy my man. I might try to upgrade to mixon by package trading kittle and powell

Either Collins or Lewis could be added to kittle as well for mixon in my opinion.

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Or maybe getting packaging Kittle with Lewis and getting Diggs instead of Kerryon…just throwin’ it out there

All these kittle for Mixon above are just laughable. No one is giving you Mixon for Kittle. Or Diggs for Kittle and a useless lewis. If you want Mixon, take kittle and add another piece to get him. Maybe take like Kittle + Shep/fuller/davis and get Mixon.

Kerryon for Kittle is a pretty decent offer so no harm in taking that either.

Thanks everyone. His team is pretty unreal. 1 player keeper league, kept Kamara, picked up saquon 4th pick

What do you think of adding DJ to the mix? DJ and Kittle for Kerryon and mixon