Kerryon got dropped

In my PPR league Kerryon got dropped is he worth the pick over someone on my bench like Keelan Cole, Jamison Crowder, James White, Tyler Lockett, or Will Fuller?

Thanks for the Help

Dump Crowder, Pick up Kerryon. I think some clever person might be able to pair that name with a great nickname…once he dominates in Detroit…6 weeks

Although Will Fuller may be wr2 solid once healthy, James White will fade away, as wil T Lockett.

I also have Burkehead so I don’t know how I feel about having to Patriot Rbs

it’ll be Sony Michel’s show once he’s back

Would you guys drop James white or try and pair Burkehead and white for a player

Sony will be rb1… but on a comitee as NE always does. Sony, Rex, J white

However Brady is not the deep baller he once was.

likes the underneath path to the quick pass catching rbs like Burkhead and White.

Sony will be the goal line back with J Hill out ROS. Expect sooner tham later.

I would drop Burkhead only if get value a t WR in trade. As a stand alone RB, he is limited

Hard to drop James white…just look at week 1…great flex till Edlemen comes back in w4

And only drop Burk if high wr1 or 2 value…once Edleman is back and Sony establishes himself …Burkhead is trade bait and they keep J white

I was thinking James white and Burkehead for someone like mark Ingram

If you want to talk silly then… pats hire Dez for 1 yr and use him as decoy…just like they did with brandon cooks