Kerryon in waivers

Help Footclan, my RBS are: T.J. Yeldon, Alex Collins, Isiah Crowell and Derrick Henry. Someone dropped Kerryon Johnson but I don´t know who to drop: C. Wentz, C. Hogan, C. Davies or W. Fuller.

I already have D. Adams and M. Thomas as my WRS.

i would drop yeldon since you don’t have fournette. or try to trade yeldon to the fournette owner for a better/more helpful piece to you. i would drop wentz otherwise if not yeldon, no need for 2 qbs and no idea when wentz is returning.

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I’d drop Derrick Henry, I think Kerryon is going to have a good week this week. 49er’s are going to look at what the Jets did to Stafford, thus the Lions will need to lean of their talented runningback to take that pressure off Stafford.

I don’t know who your starting Qb is, but I would keep Wentz if it ain’t someone really great.

I have Kirk Cousins as my QB1 right now, I think I´m going to drop Wentz in that case. Thanks guys!

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Drop Crowell or do a 2 for 1 trade to the fournette owner using Yeldon + Receiver for a better WR. Like maybe do Yeldon + Fuller for like a WR2.

Otherwise, I’d drop crowell. I want no part of that RBBC.

I definitely wouldn’t drop Wentz.

Man, when Wentz comes back I hope you have already faced that team…