Kerryon isn’t coming back

is he?

I don’t see the logic in the Lions bringing him back at this point, and he is wasting bench space

I have him as well. Our playoffs are week 16 and 17 so been holding on but they have nothing to play for so not sure they chance it.

Thinking of dropping him for Dixon or a second D.

No Practice today…not likely to make the playoffs…I am dropping him

Might do the same

Week 16 against Minnesota - not good.

Our finals If I make it are week 17 @ GB which is the only thing for me possibly holding on.

I’m thinking of dropping him as well but our final in next week - if I make it. We have 4 bench spots and I feel like I’d rather stash for next week. I just haven’t been able to pull the trigger…

Same. I have enough backs but never seems enough as I have quite a few injuries.

Not sure why they just don’t put him on IR as there season is pretty much done.

I have had to make room for Conner, Ware and their respective handcuffs so they could take all the space on my team…it’s truly a great time to be in the playoffs.