Kerryon Johnson and Marlon Mack for Ertz

I’d be giving up the rbs. Full ppr
Am I giving up too much?
Rudolph is my te and he’s not cutting it

What’s your rb depth?

David johnson
Chubb plus the two mentioned above

Wr are
Dj moore
Davante Parker

Try to package using one of those rbs and a wr. Sutton has a lot of hype value currently.

id be keeping both johnson and mack who are ppr studs right now would try to give Chubb and Sutton for Ertz maybe? definitely not both RBs if you value those guys at the bottom of your roster

Mack and Johnson is way overpay.

Way too much imo.

Interestingly enough he wouldn’t consider the original trade

Giving too much
DJ and Parker for Ertz, maybe