Kerryon Johnson Trade value?

What is K. Johnson trade value? Is a mid fisrt rounder about right?

Not sure your league setup, keeper(s), dynasty, etc., but almost no chance is he worth a first rounder in my opinion.

Dynsaty league. 0.5 PPR. Thanks.

rookie first round pick 2019? If I owned Kerryon I’d probably say no, if I was offering I’d be quite happy to get Kerryon as I don’t think many in this draft class have a ceiling above his. Especially if its mid round that gets it done.

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I am NOT looking to trade Kerryon in the offseason. I think he will be somewhere between 10-15 consistently; and, on weeks where he scores, he might be inside the top 10. So, I keep Kerryon pretty much no matter what. But, if you’re set on trading him, wait for him to have a good week or 2 and then sell high.

I am Actually looking to trade for him. I have Elliot and Howard now. Need a better number 2, to fill in my top 3 backs.

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Oh well in that case, if you can sell any 1st round rookie pick for him I’d do it. The RBs, unless land in an ideal spot, are all going to be worse than Kerryon. And the WRs will likely take a year or two to become relevant.

The only rookie pick that I wouldn’t trade for Kerryon is the 1.01. The rest of the rookie RBs are meh. If you could move a mid 1st for him I’d do it

Unless the league is superflex or 2QB, I sell any first rounder for him. Even the 1.01. If it’s SF or 2QB, I’d sell for anything besides the 1.01 (Kyler)

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Well… it might be too late he just got traded to another team for a 2020 2nd round and Engram.

Thoughts on that move?

If I offer the new owner a mid 2019 1st rounder, it is like I am trading my pick for Engram and a 2020 2nd.

That’s an awful trade. I just saw Penny get traded for that in a league.

I literally just sold him for the 1.02 pick, full ppr dynasty. Feel like I got good value, but know I could be kicking myself…

Last year he only topped 75 yards rushing 3 times. Once vs the Dolphins…who let’s be honest are not good. Once vs the Patriots who begged teams to run against them last year. And another vs. the Panthers. He only topped 15 touches in 4 games last year too…Riddick is still there to eat up the receptions, CJ Anderson just signed and that’s going to cut into the goalline work. It just spells trouble. The Lions have come out and said they don’t want him to be a workhorse back, and I’m inclined to believe them. I think he’ll be a steady RB2, but I don’t think he’s likely to see too much more work than what we saw from him last year. If anything I think they’ll try and keep him healthy by rotating in Anderson

That is great insight @Geed. I appreciate it.