Kerryon Johnson

Someone in my league dropped Kerryon Johnson after week one. I have all of my $100 FAB left, how much should I bid…?

I say 10-15% depending on your roster construction

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exactly this.
he’s worth every penny as a stash, and this week is going to prove it. Blount is down and Kerryon will get a ton of work.

id personally go anywhere from 15 to 25% on Kerryon. i snagged him off the wire for 32 percent in my league before the season started, purely because… IM GETTING Kerryon if hes available. cant miss on that opportunity and i went a little more aggressive because guys in my league often throw down ridiculous bids and i wanted to make sure i got him. i firmly believe he will be their lead back and possibly even bellcow by the 2nd half of the season. possibly sooner now that blunt stunk up the joint and isn’t playing this week.

gauge your league for your price. if you are thin at RB throw down more. but hes someone you want to lock down imo.

dont be hasty, hes a MUST stash. eventually it will be Kerryon time.