Kerryon my waiver son

Kerryon on waivers? .5 ppr

Do I drop Royce freeman, James white, or Crowell for him? Bench spot regardless.

definitely none of the 3, all 3 are better than kerryon at the moment. have to have someone else to drop besides those 3.

I agree all 3 are better right now, but it depends on your depth. If you have good other running backs and there is little to no chance you will need to start White or even Crowell I think, I would drop them for upside of Kerryon. Could also look to package one of these backs in a trade to open up a an open bench spot

i would package them, i would not drop any. you have no idea when kerryon will finally get his shot over the other THREE rbs on that roster. way too big of a mess compared to the other 3 you already own. must be better options on your roster for drop consideration.

James WHite wasn’t even drafted in most leagues. If this is 12 teams or less this seems reasonable as your last running backs if you drafted/managed well. I don’t think I want to drop any of them, but if I owned all of them and Kerryon plus other starting backs. Kerryon would be tough to drop for me.

I’m starting David Johnson, Jordan Howard and AP.

HAve Davante Adams and golden Tate at receiver plus kupp and Marvin Jones on bench (don’t like have Jones and Tate together. Just worked out that way).

i am a win now type of player. i would definitely try to package one of the rbs and jones or tate for a better wr and then add kerryon.


I think Kerryon will be leaned on a bit more this week against the 49ers. If he’s still on waivers I expect he’ll be a hot add next week.

With those running backs, you aren’t going to be starting any of your current depth. So none of these moves either way affect your win now hopes. I like Kerryon better down the road. That being said, I agree with GJN27 that the best route is to open up a bench spot through a trade for a wr. Try and trade away one of those lions, I would do Jones packaged with a depth back.

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Trying to trade away Tate or Jones plus rb (crow) now. Sending out feelers. Looking at Keenan Allan but may put something together for Julio or Odell. Thanks for the help.

James white 100%

I’m dropping Crowell. White might be in for even bigger work load. Burkhead is in concussion protocal.

That backfield is a full on RBBC. I also don’t expect every QB they play to throw 4 INTs. That was about as positive of a game script you will ever seen for a RB and if he hadn’t put up 65 yard broken defense TD, we wouldn’t even be mentioning his name. I have no intentions of relying on 60 yard TD runs for production.

That offense is not good. I want no part of that backfield. I’ll take RBBCs on high powered offenses (patriots, green bay, saints, etc.) Hard pass on RBBC on bad teams.

I’d keep White and drop Crow.