Kerryon (my wayward son) Johnson

Trying to figure out what this guy is.

Looks like he had some gaping holes, and ran through them. (Ladi freaking dah)

On the other hand, seems to have Matt Forte-esq patience and vision, and the hands too.

I think his draft position rises as we get closer to mid-August, but he still feels risky to me because he may be the second best 3rd down back, and the 2nd best goal line back on the roster.

My 2 cents…

He might be the second best 3rd down back, but at least with Kerryon the DEF doesn’t know if it’s going to be a run or pass play. With Riddick in, bye-bye poker face!

He’s easily the best back on the roster, and I expect him to win the biggest slice of the pie. Where that’s 45% or 75% is the question.

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I’m guessing you talk for redraft formats?!

If so, you only can stash him in the late rounds…you nailed it pretty well, his ceiling is capped with riddick and his floor could be im danger in certain weeks with blount too! And first he has to beat Abdullah for the starting job (this seams makeable :joy:)

But overall he is the most talented back in Detroit and should take over earlier than later…so in dynasty he is very nice to draft and own!
In redraft I think next year will be his!

Love Kerryon. One of the few guys in the back with 3 down abilities and an opportunity to get there. Not the most athletic, but when you watch the film, definitely has skills which translates into the NFL. Also coming out of the SEC and playing vs Bama, dude can definitely get it done and grind out those yards between the tackles.


Personally, I love him! Managed to get him in the 5th round of my #FootClan dynasty startup and am very glad! Doubt he’ll start off the season too strong, but I certainly expect him to be both relevant and startable when the fantasy playoffs begin.