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Kerryon or A. Jones


Keep Kerryon or Pick up Aaron Jones - what do you think?
Will Jones get more workload from now?


Keep Kerryon over Aaron Jones…
I am curious what is your complete team that you are considering leaving Aaron Jones on waivers?
Certainly there is someone on your team you can drop for Jones…

Can you give full roster so others can have more informed opinions about what to do if indeed Aaron Jones is on waivers…


Full Roster:

M Thomas
Chris Carson
D/St Stream


Big Ben
Fuller (claiming DJ Moore)

8 man League 0.5 PPR


You are stacked…

Instead of claiming Moore for Fuller, I would make the waiver #1 to add Jones for Fuller because you have great WRs…

Watson isn’t past his bye week yet so I see where you are holding on to Big Ben for that bye week…

Njoku isn’t past his bye week either so I see why you are holding Engram for that bye week…

If you want to keep those players for bye weeks (Big Ben/Engram) I would claim Aaron Jones instead of DJ Moore

Put Aaron Jones as #1 waiver claim to drop Fuller…
Put DJ Moore as #2 waiver claim to drop Fuller

You have great #1 WRs in Thomas/Evans/Jeffrey, so add depth to the RB position which is hard to come by instead of dropping Fuller for DJ Moore…


Alright thank you for your advice.
Put Jones on #1 (but im #8 in waiver order)

Yes you are right i could drop Big Ben, he‘s only on my roster coz i wasnt sure if Watson is healthy - i‘ll drop him aswell

Engram: i dont know what to do with him…


I generally don’t like keeping 2 QBs or 2 TEs on my roster which is why I mentioned those positions…

But since Watson/Njoku have bye weeks upcoming it kinda makes sense to keep them for now even though Big Ben will have a tough game against Carolina in week 10…

The reason I say to drop Fuller for Aaron Jones is because I never see a scenario where you play DJ Moore over M Thomas, Evans, or Jeffrey…He will just ride the bench and have no value…
Adding Jones gives you depth at RB if an injury happens to one of your other RBs…


I have not even thought about that. But it seems legit - thank you again


Keeping 2 TEs on a roster in an 8 man league is foolish. Don’t do it.