Kerryon or Agholor Flex Play

12 team PPR
One flex spot
TFFB claim Kerryon is going to help defeat the niners but Agholor was a target monster
What do y’all think?

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Agholor, #1 WR for the Eagles right now and Tampa has lost 2 key players in their secondary

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It’s so tempting to plug Kerryon in there and look like a complete genius when he blows up.

You’ve got a way safer floor with Agholor. He’s the responsible start.

Agholor all day long, will be a target machine until Jeffery is back.

help with mine please

I like that trade, it’s good for team
Thompson will give you that ppr value at Rb
Howard is a good pair with zeke and Thompson
I dropped Baldwin in my league because he hasn’t looked right since last year to me, and now he has problems in Both Knees… Larry is a good swap for him. If you can get AJ green for Conner and Allison that’s gold as well

Algoholor all day

Nelson and don’t even worry about it. I like Kerryon’s chances as the season progresses but I want to see it happen first even if it means giving up a break out performance. He played way too few % of snaps last week.

@JRodrigues109 yea I got the trade for AJ this past wednesday