Kerryon or Calvin Ridley

I put in waiver claims for both, but it’s unlikely that I get both. Which one would you put as your first priority? I’m leaning towards Kerryon with my roster as is.

Kerryon by a long shot.

I’m not overeacting to WRs putting up points on the saints anymore.

Ridley had 5 total targets through the first 2 weeks. They not goign to be in 60 point shootouts every week either.

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Word that was my thought, especially considering I feel like I ahve a bigger need at RB. Would you drop Cole, Fitz or Williams?

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Plus just the value RBs have in the league. Getting Kerryon then means other players can be flipped for an upgrade.

Honestly of those 3, I would probably drop Fitz just based on lack of an offense and a quarterback.