Kerryon or Chubb?

Full PPR WDIS in my flex?

i like Kerryon both because of the matchup and the fact we are yet to see chubb in the passing game… at all! even with detroits deep backfield kerryon still has gotten regular targets.

help with mine? do you roster ekeler tonight if you wont be awake by kickoff? I also have collins or babrber i could flex. currently have barber in.

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have same dilemma doing kerryon. post by week explsion hope to haev better game script. unsure on chubbs job and hes on the browns so fubar. to second comment set alarm 5 mins before wake up. check. adjust. back to sleep.

That’s a tough one. The problem with Barber is the fact he has had one good game all year. I wish we knew if Gordon was out or not. If he was already determined out, i’d say go with Ekeler. Is it full ppr? If so Ekeler isn’t a bad flex even with Gordon playing.

standard. i played ek last week and lost a close match. collins i dont trust at this point.

the guy i played got burned thursday and i came out pretty close to even. so a small risk may not kill me, but he has ingram and mixon looming as rb which scares the crap out of me.

looking into how games statistically end in England Chargers should put up numbers which gives me hope for Ek. just not sure since last week cost me a win.