Kerryon or Jamaal Williams - dynasty?

Who would you rather have in dynasty? Kerryon or Jamaal Williams? I’m trying to get Kerryon from the Aaron Jones owner by selling him on Jamaal, but I’m not sure of the value difference between the two.

I’d go Kerryon

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Would you take the deal if it was Kerryon, John Kelly for my Jamaal, Ballage?

I’d be shocked if you got someone to accept Williams for Johnson

Yeah I agree

Kerryon’s running style sure reminds me a lot of Lev Bell. Id take the shot.

Kerryon Makes much more sense. We’re not even sure if Williams can hold off Aaron Jones yet. Williams isn’t terrible, but Kerryon seems to have much more upside.
So if it were me- Kerryon all day.
With that being said, Not sure you are gonna get the other GM to agree to that deal.
Best of luck to ya!

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Thanks all. Would you guys give up a package of Jamaal, Ballage, 2019 2nd for Kerryon, John Kelly? Seems like I’d be overpaying but based on your comments, Kerryon is clearly better than Jamaal.

I’d rather have Kerryon than Williams and Kelly than Ballage (by a lot). I wouldn’t hesitate to give up a 2nd to make that swap.

@DFWB Just curious, why Kelly > Ballage by a lot? Ballage has an opportunity to carve out a role, while Kelly is simply trade bait for the Gurley owner. Or do you think Kelly contributes? He’s clearly a golden ticket handcuff if Gurley ever goes down.

Ballage has no real shot at carving out a role, imo. He’s a fine receiver, but Drake is better, and as runners it isn’t remotely close. Gore will have a role, Ballage will not. If Drake gets hurt, maybe he’s a 3rd down option, but I don’t see any path to more.

If something happens for Gurley, Kelly is a stud.

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