Kerryon or Michel? Who would you rather have?

I’ve been haunted by this trade for two days. Have no idea what to do.

Send: Kerryon Johnson

Receive: Sony Michel, Matt Breida

It’s a 12 team Half PPR, I’m 5-2 right now second place but guys are close behind, so I can deal with a loss or two but definitely want to keep winning.

On one side Kerryon seems more consistent right because he’s not hurt, but I don’t like the Lions backfield situation in where they don’t give Kerryon all the opportunities he deserves. A part of me believes he might have already hit his peak with a tough schedule coming up.

On the other side Michel is hurt and I already have an injured roster. But I do believe that Michel is the better RB especially as he faces Pittsburgh and Buffalo weeks 15 and 16 which would be my playoff weeks if I stay the 2 seed.

My other RB’s: Mark Ingram, Dalvin Cook, Latavius Murray, Chris Thompson, Dion Lewis

WR’s: AJ Green, JuJu, Brandin Cooks, Sammy Watkins

I would hold off on that trade right now. Both Michel and Breida (likely) aren’t playing this week and they both still have their bye weeks (12 and 11) respectively.

This trade will probably still be on the table next week and if KJ has a decent game this week you may be able to get more, especially if the owner is tilting about the injuries.

I am just wouldn’t be crazy about rostering more injured guys.

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My guess is KJ will continue to gain in shares. I’m pretty high on his talent too, haven’t watched him from CFB for a while now. Was saying before season there was no better value buy in your drafts than KJ. Another thing to consider here is the Patriots May be clinched by that point. If they aren’t, you’re golden with SM. If they are clinched, KJ has drastically more value. So consider the entire Patriots season and division in your decision.

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Give me Michel all day. You can’t trust lions coaching staff man. They have proven again and again they are idiots.

ALso, patriots goal line back continues to be one of the most productive assets to own in fantasy.

True, KJ could have more trade value after this weekend, but the only reason this trade is probably offered is the Michel injury and after this weekend he’s one week closer to coming back. I wouldn’t assume the same offer is there next week. In fact, I’d assume the opposite.

@MikeMeUpp this is exactly how I feel. Just don’t wanna make the wrong decision

The Lions running back situation is a mess due to an apparently incompetent coaching staff. Michel seems to be the much safer bet right now for the rest of the season.

@SuperMario863 @MikeMeUpp I think I’m going to take it. I’ll be forced to start Murray and Ingram this week unless I can make another trade. But I think I can take an L for one week.

Michel is the better talent and upside in NE O. My concerns with Michel going forward is A) Bill isn’t great with the injury info B) We don’t know when Michel will be back C) NE starting to pull away in a division where everyone else is nose diving D) How much work will Michel get when he comes back knowing he’s a needed piece for the playoffs? If you can last without Michel until after their bye then make the move… to me Breida is a nonfactor in this until he can prove he can make it through a game. You have the depth to piece together match ups at RB for now… again just have to weigh out the chance Sony gets babied a bit when he comes back to ensure his health for another run. I’d probably get Sony for the stash, but it’s not a sure thing he does what he was doing prior to getting hurt when he comes back. Especially if they are close to having the division locked up.

I don’t like it Bc you have other good RB’s. Can start a Vikings rb and KJ every week. Other guys could break out too. Risking it for injured guys can work OK, but can fail miserably.

I don’t think resting Michel because Patriots leading a division should be a concern. The Patriots are going to have to try and sweep the rest of the games to avoid having to play at arrowhead during the playoffs. Bill knows that.

Tough pick, but I lean the michel side. The Patriots are running like mad men and he’s slowly been getting more and more touches. Kerryon is fantastic, but I am concerned that Blount is still as involved as he is. You could probably hold off another week, as Michel won’t play this week, but it is a gamble either way. I take the risk and side with the more talented offense in a weaker division

Reported, today, on Yahoo that Sony Michel returned to practice. I wonder if there is a chance he plays on Monday? But, at least he seems solid for week 9 return? That could make a difference toward the Sony side of the trade.

Yeah Mike makes a very good point. Plus it should be noted that Michel was back at practice today which is a good sign for his recovery. I don’t think the Patriots will play him this week because they want to ensure their investment is healthy. In the upcoming weeks though I don’t see him as a gamble at all.