Kerryon or Ronald

Best Ball dynasty. I love Jones in this format and Kerryon has a great opportunity but seems like just a guy coming into the league. Could also grab Ridley or Moore here.

I’ve never played best ball dynasty, but in general, I prefer Johnson significantly to Rojo. If Johnson were the best RB on the board in the late first round, I’d probably take a WR. I just don’t see what everyone is so excited about either from a skill set stand point (200 lb back with 0 pass catching resume?) or situation (he’s not the passing downs back, he’s not the goal line back, he’s not getting 300 touches, so where does the value come from? The last part is possibly true for Johnson too, but I just think he’s a better, more well rounded player, so I expect those issues to be less pronounced.

For Best Ball Dynasty, I would rank those players as follows:
DJ Moore
Kerryon Johnson
Ronald Jones
Calvin Ridley


I take Moore in best ball format. Wouldn’t take either Rojo or Johnson. You’re looking for single game high upside players.

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I went Moore. It occurred to me I’m getting the best WR or the 7th best RB. Thanks for the input everyone! Very happy with this pick.

Good suggestion. I think I would swap ridley and rojo though.