Kerryon or Sony ROS?

i’ve been stashing Sony but Kerryon is on waivers. (non ppr)

Worth using top waiver priority?

I’d still try and hold both. Still early in the season and I want to see what Michel does when pats figure their shit out which typically takes till game 5-6 in the season. I still trust Bill to make the right adjustments.

Kerryon def does not belong on the waivers though. Any other players on your roster worth dropping? If not and you had to choose and need production right now, you might have to go with Kerryon.

I’m still a Michel believer and he is getting the right usage which is why I am okay with still holding him.

i have a pretty deep RB situation, which is why i would probably drop Sony.

I start 2 WR and have RB for flex:
D Hop
A Cooper
J Gordon
C Kupp
M Williams

I’d rather own both over Williams still mainly due to snaps. But if your RBs are stacked, then I guess you could drop for Kerryon.

You could also just try and do a 2 for 1 trade. I would try and get value for Gordon if you still can. Gordon + Michel or Gordon + Williams or Gordon + Cooper and get an upgrade.

i appreciate the feedback!

i will try to hold both RB’s, my league is starving for them and maybe i can leverage a trade.

kerryon vs drake this week?

Damn that’s a close one because NE run D is literally bottom of the league. But it’s a risky prop to play drake given it’s an away game and they are still huge underdogs. Kerryon is definitely carving himself a role and getting the first 100 yard rushing game for lions RB since like the beginning of time.

I think Kerryon is probably the smarter play at the end of the day. Carson just put up 100 yards and you don’t have to worry about Dallas offense putting up a tonne of points.

One thing I would def keep an eye on is Sean Lee’s health. He left the game this week with a hamstring injury. The Dallas D with and without Sean Lee is night any day. If Sean Lee is out, I would def play Kerryon. If he is in, it’s closer and will depend on what you need. Higher ceiling is drake, higher floor is Kerryon.