Kerryon startable?

Is Kerryon startable week 1? Right now I have to choose between him and Dion Lewis as my RB2. Also have Breida and Eckler on the bench even though he is there as my Gordon back up.

I’d do Lewis or berida honestly… I think kerryon will be awesome mid to late season… But I don’t see him getting a fuller work load week 1 than the other 2 guys

It’s a tossup between Kerryon or Lewis. For week 1, I’d go with Lewis since he figures to have a role in that backfield.

But Kerryon might surprise you. I think he’ll be their 1st and 2nd down guy between the 20s earlier in the season than many people think, and then Legarrette will take over when it’s time to punch it in.

As for Breida, SF has announced that Morris start. Breida will get work, but he’s smallish and will work better as a 3rd down / pass catching option.

I’d go with Lewis week 1. Need to see how lions backfield develops. The coach literally said he wants Kerryon to earn the job. That’s not going to happen right out of the gate.

Lewis is going to have a role.

I’m definitely not starting Breida week 1.

Lewis all the way. I honestly don’t get the love for Johnson at this point. There are just too many RBs in Detroit.

Currently I have Lewis in my RB2 spot and was worried about Breida opening up against Min. I was just a little hesitant with Lewis sharing running time with Henry. I know it’ll help offset a little since we are full ppr and Henry couldn’t catch a pillow if it was tossed to him.