Kerryon temperature check

What’s the general view on Kerryon Johnson, i know it’s only week 2 and he is clearly the best runner and all round back on the Lions but do we think he’s actually taking this backfield over? If so how usable will he be with Riddick there and the Lions D playing badly.

How long would you hold him for before you consider a drop, I’m thinking unless i have to give him until midseason and if he’s not taking over he may be a cut if i have good enough depth - agreed or disagree?

Holdor Holdor Holdor Holdor Holdor yes, just wait (platform made me write a complete sentance?)

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or for all of us, maybe you can drop him and then he will blow up for the rest of us who is stashing him!

I’d still hold if you could afford to do it, but I wouldn’t expect him to take over the backfield until midseason at least

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I agree. Hang on to him as long as you can. Eventually the lions will get desperate and play him more. As a Detroit native, it seems that theo riddick is a bit injury prone. So kerryon’s breakout may be sooner than we thought.

Ill be at the game this sunday night! lets hope the breakout happens then.

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This! IMO he’s a week 6 player at best. The lions are going to have to fail without using him before they realize the “rookie” tag is going to get them fired if their best player isn’t on the field.