Kerryon + thielen for carson + e. sanders

.5 ppr, the guys talked about trading for kerryon and selling carson or conner high.
I was offered kerryon and thielen for carson and sanders

Would you do it?

I think I would keep Carson and Sanders. I feel like at this point Kerryon and Carson are fairly equal,
and it’s hard to trust Cousins but if you think Thielen will come good then maybe go for it.
Tricky one! Are you the Conner owner? If so Conner + sanders I would definitely do.

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I like the Kerryon/Thielen side… it’s not like it’s not close… I don’t love trading for a receiver on the runningmost offense in football but at least it’s not Diggs… I like Kerryon’s uptick and Carson is going to be rumored to lose the workload all season… if he does, he’s worthless

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Unfortunately i dont have conner. Im still considering the original trade tho

My problem with this trade is that im 1-3. I have the 2 highest scoring team…i want to make the trade but im not sure if i could get through this week without carson and with kerryon on bye. Im not sure Singletary will be healthy to play this week as well

Another offer came in this morning:
Carson + sanders
Derrick henry + crowder and/or mclaurin

What do you think?

what other rbs do you have bc K Johnson has a brutal Nov schedule but I still prefer him and Thielen over carson and sanders.

My rbs right now are:
Cook, carson, lindsay, singletary and burkhead(thinking about dropping him)

having cook and given the lackluster passing game of the Vikings right now how do you feel about rostering two Vikings if you accept thielen? if you are comfortable with that id go for it, its just a matter of what you believe in the Vikings offense