Kerryon tilt!

Starting Kerryon in my flex today in a standard league. Starting to tilt a bit, bit about his talent but his usage. Does last weeks’ 100 yard game provide you any comfort that Kerryon will get enough touches to be start-worthy?

Or would I be better off starting DT, Mike Williams, Keelan Cole, Bilal Powell, or Quincy?

He is only going to get more touches going forward IMO. Clearly the best back in that backfield. Game script last week played a big part in Blount getting as many carries as he did

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Just noticed a typo in my original post (damn iPhone lol), meant to say *not about his talent

Thank you for the response JPlum_3, think I just need someone to talk me off the ledge. I like Kerryon a lot, just worried Detroit is going to fumble this and continue to give Blount equal carries regardless of game script haha

Riddick is the one I’d be more worried about. If the Lions are playing from behind often it’s possible that Kerryon gets phased out some as Riddick is their go to guy on passing downs. I think Kerryon is more than capable of excelling in that area as well but it’s a matter of whether or not they give him the opportunity to do so