Kerryon trades

In a 10 man standard redraft league been working towards a selection of trades.

Which combo should i take?

  1. Kerryon and Burton for Landry

  2. Kerryon and a wr for Tate

Which one should I take and which we would be fair to add to the tate deal?

Qb: stream (dalton)
Rb: David Johnson mccaffrey Aaron jones kerryon johnson breida… j. Williams (burner spot)
Wr: Marvin jones. Sheperd Boyd Robinson fuller
Te: Gronk burton

I’d definitely go with #1. You have Gronk already - can stream for just the one week hopefully.

Oh, and I chose 1 because I’d rather have Landry than Tate for sure, and I don’t think you should give up any of those WR’s. They’re all more valuable IMO than Burton is. But, if you don’t want to give up Burton for whatever reason/want Tate more, then the WR I’d add is Marvin Jones.

Honestly, given your WR depth and the dearth of TE’s right now, if you can get Landry with K Johnson and a WR (Marvin), I’d do that instead of giving up Burton.

Do u think I need to take the deal at all? He wants Burton after losing walker, doyle and eifert in 4 weeks

They guy countered asking for gronk and kerryon for Antonio brown… I take that right?

I would counter with Gronk/Breida for AB

Take this right now. Don’t even bother countering. Just take it. This is a huge win for AB side. Some people just get too greedy.

EDIT: Some people always want to get that extra little squeeze out of every trade. It’s pointless and just runs the risk of them countering something worse or trade falling through. When you get a trade this good, you just jump on it.

I personally would take it. Gronk looks lackluster and his ankle worries me. And you have Burton who I am bullish on. You likely won’t get another offer like this for someone like AB.

I would, you need a clear WR1 and AB is miles ahead of your current crop. This is a massive win for you, stream a TE for a week until Burton is back and you have enough RBs to not need Kerryon now or ROS IMO. Basically what @MikeMeUpp said don’t get greedy!

keep us posted @Joshg11

Hi all thanks for the advice. He retracted and bailed on brown being part of the deal at all. :frowning:

Offer of the table is Landry and drake/hines plus seal jones for Burton and kerryon.

Still a good deal tbh.

Landry > Kerryon

and Hines + RSJ > Burton for me.