Kerryon vs Jordan Howard - dynasty trade

Footclan! Talk some sense into me. Am I crazy for even considering this offer?

Receive: Jordan Howard
Trade away: Kerryon, 2020 1st

Half PPR dynasty

In the short term you would get value in Howard; however, in the long term you could be (possibly this season with Kerryon) giving up a lot of upside for a couple of seasons. Depending on your team composition, if Howard puts you over for a title - Kerryon + 2020 2nd… but I would not do the trade as proposed.

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Thanks. I’ve been pushing for a 2nd, but he won’t budge. I do think Howard will have a great season and will be the back to own, which is why I’m trying to acquire him.

It’s not a terrible trade offer. That said, I would not pay that much for Howard today. His value is temporarily deflated. Clearly this owner is aware of Howard’s likely true value. I expect when the season starts his value will rise up again.

Are you a serious contender? If so, I would consider this offer. I like to win. I don’t think Kerryon or the first will help you win this year.

If you are not, then I prefer Kerryon and the 1st.

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Couldn’t agree more with everyone. Howard is solid, but Johnson has the chance to take that job on a higher scoring team and then for all you know your 2020 pick could be a team changing type player. I would stick with Johnson and the 1st personally.

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@fun4willis thanks everyone. Below is my roster. I think I’ll be contending this year, and Howard would only solidify that. Thoughts? If that’s the case, maybe I should throw in my 2019 1st instead of 2020?

With your roster, I would keep Kerryon. You only have to start 2 RB. Mack, Jones/Willaims, or Johnson could pop.

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Your roster is good, you don’t need Howard. Stand pat and if kerryon is a stud, then you’re in a great spot.

If you’re looking for an upgrade, I’d look at your qb situation. Ben is fin but if you can use your assets to get younger and possibly better, you’d be better off imo


Agree with all the above and I will just add that Wilkins may earn major touches too. I think you are strong enough everywhere else that you can play match ups for your RB3 and see how your young guys pay off. I hate trading future 1’s unless you’re so loaded you don’t need to keep building and replacing and I don’t think you’re quite there but you do have a very nice roster. Well done.

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