Ke'shawn Vaughn

Do you think he’s worth a 1.09-1.12 rookie draft pick? I was going to grab him because I need RB help and I liked his opportunity to take over but after Arians said Ronald Jones is the guy I’m hesitant and feel like a Jefferson or Reagor pick would be better. Would really like to hear your opinions and advice, thank you!

Nope. Nope. Nope.

I would not draft for need in a rookie draft. Especially in the first 2-3 rounds. Suggest you draft best player available and trade for another player if needed. Jefferson or Reagor would 100% be a better pick IMO.

There are red flags for Vaughn in dynasty.

Rookie WRs tend to hold onto their value longer. Here is an example of two players who have not met expectations.

Samaje Perine (2.01 in May 2017)

Corey Davis (1.01 in May 2017)

Info from DLF (

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Thank you very much for the advice @fun4willis! He is such a volatile player depending on who you ask, I had him pegged as the 7th best RB in this rookie draft and I thought TB was a great spot but all of the news that I’ve heard so far has not been great for him. I’ve seen analysts rank him as high as the 9th overall rookie and as low as the 33rd rookie, I’ve got him in the 13-16th range.

Would you take the third/fourth tier of rookie WRs (Laviska, Aiyuk, Pittman, etc.) over him?

Also, what about Moss, who would you take between the two RBs?

I prefer Moss over Vaughn. But that’s a much closer call.

I would take those listed WR over Vaughn. Guess I’m just real low on him. I would look for him as a mid to late 2nd round rookie pick.

An alternative for you would be to trade back. There is a lot of hype on the Jefferson/Reagor’s of the world. Maybe someone would give you an early and late second and you could scoop Moss and Vaughn.

I am recently reminded:
“Don’t hate the player. Hate the ADP”

Yeah I think I am going to put Moss over Vaughn as well after our conversation, he at least has a carved out role and I think he’s the better back. Maybe I put Gibson over them both now that Guice is gone hahaha.

That’s a great idea, I was trying to trade pick 9 and pick 22 for picks 14, 15, and 17 but they ended up declining, I think they wanted my pick 5 for that but I felt like it was too much.

Hahaha that’s great advice! Thank you again for your help @fun4willis, I really appreciate it!