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Kevin white or chris thompson the bigger break-out?


Both have big potential this year. Which is gonna get the bigger break??


Kevin White is still on Waiver right now. Just wondering if I should snag him up for Chris Thompson while he’s still available. Torn on who is gonna get more looks and opportunities this year. Think both are gonna be big sleepers due to team injuries!!! Got Thompson…should I just sit on him or grab White while I can???


Personally I would go with White but I don’t really see either being barn burners. Mostly just a roster construction player.


Thanks luckychucky!!! Kinda thinking the same thing…well…a little anyway. Just kinda got a feeling about White this year!!! I actually thinks he’s gonna burn a little “hay”…maybe not the whole barn. LOL BUT…agree for the most part.


Are you worried about Kendall Wright at all? I was watching the Bears last preseason game when Meredith went out and Kendall looked good on his targets and if I remember right he got about as many as White, but White had a drop. I like White and the fact that the Bears aren’t going to be leading a lot of games, but I could see the scenario playing out better for Kendall as well.


I would go with White. I think the opportunity will be there right off the bat so as long as he can find a way to stay healthy he should be getting quite a few target each week.

I do think Chris Thompson will always have a role with Washington because he is a different back than Fat Rob or Perine. I just think the ceiling is higher for White.


Actually thinking White. As another poster here said (mchild89) White will probably have the opps from the start. Thompson is a great catch as well but the opps for White will prob be a bigger possibility than for Thompson!!! Thanks for the feedback lucky!!!


Thanks everybody!!! Just went and grabbed White while he was still available. Been keeping up with him all off-season and ALL BUT was about to grab him in the draft but…had such strong feelings about Thompson so went with that. But afterwards couldn’t help but re-thinking it.
Sooo…hoping and praying I don’t kick my own butt for getting rid of him. BUT…as luckychucky and mchild said…think White will end up having the better upside overall!!! LOL…won’t cuss y’all if it don’t work out. We all know how this goes. Thanks a mill for the thoughts and help!!! Best of luck with your own team guys!!!


Sorry for the delay in responding luckychucky141. Actually yes…Wright concerns me in terms of waylaying White’s pts. Unfortunately, at least for now Wright is not available. :frowning: