Key Trade - need advice ASAP

Currently am 3-0 with my team being:
Michael Thomas
Emmanuel’s sanders
George Kittle

John Brown
Eric Ebron

I was offered Kamara, Aaron Rodgers, Demaryius Thomas for
Brees, Watkins, sanders, Howard.

Should I take this trade? It helps my RBs by putting the team with two rb1s but leaves me kinda dry with WRs (considering Baldwin may not play)

What should I do?

BTW, I traded Amari cooper for sanders last week so sanders doesn’t really matter to me all that much, just helps depth and is a viable WR2!

Nah man you look pretty solid and I’d rather have Sanders over Thomas and a healthy brees over a hobbled Rodgers. Also you giving more and I feel youd be on the losing end of this deal

Don’t you think with Baldwin coming back that he’ll be a viable WR2? I can also offer without Brees for Rodgers, I just didn’t want a triple stack

Well out of that trade which do you really want? Cause that’s a massive trade

I just offered without brees or Rodgers in the mix, I just don’t want 3 players of the same team. I may just look for a trade candidate for brees

Are you just trading for the sake of trading? I’d say no to the deal even if you take out the QB’s. I lean away from big multiplayer trades early in the season when you’re undefeated. Also, I’d wait until after Ingrahm comes back to see how much Kamara regresses.

I dont think you should be giving up you brees Thomas stack. They only place you are improving is Kamara and there is a chance rodgers tweaks his knee and is done for the year. Brees never gets hit while Aaron has been prone to injury it seems.

Hmm, so you guys think I’m giving up too much and should just run with Howard as my rb2?

Also by the end of season youll probably be pretty happy with watkins

Yes he’s a bell cow even though it was john fox last season he’s was 3rd in most carries behind gurley and bell

I feel like what you gain in RB’s, you’re losing in WR’s. Kind of balances out. But I feel like the other team is receiving more potential upside. Especially with Ingram coming back in 2 weeks

alright, I’m going to pull back my trade offer for now. I’m going to ride this team out for now, thank you everyone for the input. I like Howard and Watkins seems like he’s turning out to be a good waiver.

Yea, I’d be patient with Howard. He’s catching passes this year and once he starts getting more TD’s you’ll be loving him. Now you’re kind of selling low

Bears fan, I love Howard but felt like picking him was a bad idea seeing this offense struggle to move. Hopefully he gives me some upside in the long term

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Yeah I feel you dude bears fan as well and I never drafted bears till this season. I’ve got a triple stack which is paying off a a little with Howard burton and bears DST. Burton has been a bit of a let down but I believe in him.

I had the same thing, but I opted to drop Burton and grab kittle, Mitch looks a little concerning in the pass game when game script falls apart

Yeah I wish I woulda grabbed kittle too but missed out. So I’m just riding it out. I have faith in bisky. He’ll figure it out