Kicker appreciation post

Though i see both sides to the argument if there is a kicker option in your league look at the matchups.


When i lost AB I thought it was over but thanks to you and Gronk it looks like im poised for a finals appearance!!

I will never appreciate kickers in fantasy football. :laughing:

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Just treat it like defense’s. Pick good weather and look at trends. I cant tell you how many times ive swapped them out and they came through.

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I will never appreciate defenses in fantasy football either! :laughing:

My “league of record” does not use either of them. Both are far to volatile to tolerate in this game that is supposed to be fun :smile:

I have hated kickers in fantasy since I’ve played. I was down around 50 points with Gurley and Gould to my opponent having Antonio Brown and Marquise Goodwin. Guess who’s going to the finals?! I’ll never forget you, Robbie.

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I can support this. I hope you play 3wr 2 flex then.

QB, 2RB, 3WR, TE, and one flex and a very deep bench.

I had picked up Dan Bailey when he got healthy, but then on Sunday morning, just on a whim, I picked up Gould…and he was GOLD!

I have never felt like I had much luck with kickers and I would be fine playing without them, but there are some things you can figure out to help in picking one up. The Titans are not a great defense, but are 2nd best in the league at giving up TDs in the red zone. That means a lot of field goals rather than TDs and an extra point.