Kicker conundrum

Matt Bryant or Robbie Gould??

Lost by 2 last week cuz gano layed a goose egg. Need that not to happen again.

I like Robbie Gould just because I think I saw Matt Bryant is nursing some kinda calf injury, last week after kicking a field goal he had to have a heating pad on his back!

Bryant missed some time with a hamstring injury a couple of weeks ago but is kicking in a dome in a high scoring match up. If you don’t need a huge day out of your kicker but want to just ‘get on the board’ that is as safe a bet as any to do that. I picked Bryant up for a bye week fill in this week. I’m just hoping for around 7-10 points. A few extra points and a fg hopefully.

As long as the Falcons don’t get down really far and have to keep going for touchdowns then I think he should be fine. That’s the biggest risk you are running here, but I think the Falcons rebound playing inside against a division rival. They were able to put up 37 on them earlier in the season.

Robbie Gould for me over Bryant. Gould has been very consistent this year

SF vs Tampa supposed to be high scoring to, my only worry is Atlanta getting down by a lot and Bryant becoming irrelevant.

That’s my only worry as well.

ATL has been struggling a little more in recent weeks but I think they rebound here. If they can stay in the game then he will be fine. He might not score 10+ but I think there is virtually no way Bryant gets shut out.