Kicker for Week 3

Possibly adding Zuerlein off waivers and dropping Gould (I have an empty IR spot for the time being) - who would you add in case I can’t get Gould back off waivers? Should I even do that to begin with?

Thinking one of Prater, Butker, Elliott, Janikowski or Fairbairn. Thoughts? Gould is @ KC this week, as well.

I’d be worried about recurrence of groin issue for zeurlein. He may be hampered and might not make the same distance kick. Would prob keep gould.

If you do do it. The butker or prater would be the guys I’d pick. Avoid Elliott. He looks snazzy but eagles go for it on 4th down loads so you lose the freebie field goals

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Yeah I’m a bit nervous of the reoccurrence or hampering of the injury but I also think the rams will be comfortable waiting for the groin to fully heal before reactivating him. But Gould has been great so dropping him makes me hesitate as well.

Gould has been fantastic, don’t drop him.

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I like keeping Zuerlein around if it isn’t impacting anything else in any way whatsoever. Don’t forget you won’t be able to add anyone if he’s on IR and then comes off of it for any reason though (and you’re at your max bench space already). It’ll make you clear that up first, so somebody will have to be dropped in order for you to remove him from the IR slot. In Yahoo that’s the case, at least. Also, I like Butker over Gould in this game and ROS. And Elliott over either of them this week. I think he’ll have more actual FG attempts this week while SF/KC will be a TD-fest (and maybe even include some 2-PT situations).

Could always just drop GZ in that case or drop whatever K I have and move him to the K slot as well.

If your roster is filled and you also have GZ on IR, Yahoo will make you drop somebody if GZ comes off of IR but is still in the slot so you don’t technically have more than the max roster size at any single moment. Unless you don’t make any moves for the rest of the season, in which case my point is moot.

ah espn doesn’t do that. they let you drop someone straight from the IR spot if you want

Damn. Wish my league was not in busted-ass Yahoo.

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