Kicker making things tough. Help

I hate having to roster a kicker. I’ll be straight here. I need to drop someone for a kicker. Here is my roster. Not asking for a grade just need a quick snap judgement on who to drop. 10 team standard.
Cam Newton
Julio jones
Robert Woods
Nick Chubb
Chris Carson
Vance Mcdonald
David Montgomery
baltimore def

Tevin Coleman
Miles Sanders
Robby Anderson
Dede Westbrook
Kalen Ballage
Michael Gallup
Justin Jackson

I’m thinking ballage or gallup? this sucks

Gallup is fine to drop, honestly with ur depth at RB I wouldn’t be scared to drop JJ or tempt the Ekeler owner with a trade for him.

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Thank you! Honestly, I didnt even think about offering a trade to the ekeler owner. but he is very strong minded about his team if you know what i mean, so it could be tough getting him to bite on anything.

If Gordon gets traded JJ’s value increases immediately, especially to that stubborn owner! Use his stubbornness against him if that’s what it takes!

just to add to cody, think about this; you can’t play all of them. Even though its a numbers game and youre seeing who pans out, you’re probably safest to get rid of ballage. I feel like he’s the only one there that we’ve seen and isn’t a mystery. At least with JJ you know his role where as ballage is just a backup right now on a really poor offense (in my opinion).

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I forgot to mention this… I am going up against the worst team. The owner tilted during the drat and made some bad decisions. For example, he drafted Jazz fergason in the 10th round and edelman in the third! I can very possibly not play a kicker and win and see how everyone pans out. Would that be a crappy move?

Miami’s offense absolutely scares me. I just feel like my league values rb’s incredibly high, so if he pans out to be a legit starter then i can get really good value for him trade-wise, but I may be over thinking things.

Maybe this will illuminate things:
Basically I’m really happy with my team and I currently dont have a kicker nor defense and im projected approx. even with my opponent. It’s possible to just go straight with a defense or kicker (was gonna drop penny for sure)

Wow ya these are fairly similar situations. I would absolutely consider just dropping penny for s kicker or defense and going short one of them for the matchup. Just your matchup is a little tighter than mine, this guy really doesnt have a strong team, 39%20AM 24%20AM

I have a few days to feel it out; the pollard news may change things…thanks for your help. I wish it wasn’t 2QB cuz this would be so much easier!

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What kicker are you adding is the question?

I’d drop Gallup

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probably between myers, gould, maher and elliot