Kicker Question! Butker, Lambo, or Forbath?

Kicker Question! Butker, Lambo, or Forbath?

Near the end of the week I would look at where the projected vegas totals lie and would go with the kicker that has the highest team total. Its the only thing that has been shown to correlate with kicker points (ex. greg the leg is the highest scoring kicker on the highest scoring offense in the NFL), otherwise its just a toss up of who you think will be kicking the most field goals.

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So Forbath (26), Lambo (24.75), Butker (22.5). Makes sense, thanks!

i had Forbath…he sucks, and it does not make sense…what is going on in minnesota is if they get close they score…otherwise they punt…so less spots…he may bounce back but other than last week he has had a lot of bad weeks in a row, picked up Gould…and lovin it.

Good luck this week and honestly those totals are all high enough and so close to each other the tiebreaker may just be the one in the best situation (weather, skill) or just the one you like.