Kicker question for playoff victory

I got J. Elliot. I do not really like his matchup and the hope is the Eagles offense moves the ball constantly down the field in LA and scores or gets in FG position. They had trouble doing that last week on the road in Seattle. The Eagles seem to be great in soft matchups but have trouble vs teams with winning records.

Rolls with J. Elliot is who not ranked as high this week or go with a different kicker?

ranked by ESPN standard projections:

Murray vs DET
Gould vs @ HOU
Coons vs WAS ( I like Coons vs a middling Skins Def on the road)
Dawson vs TEN

Gould looks to be a good match this week. Jimmy should be able to move the 49er offense into FG territory at least

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For kickers i usually go with a kicker from a team thats committed to the run or at least have a 50/50 split of run/pass. I think the Chargers should be able to score almost at will on Wash. which will mostly produce extra point kicks. Out of those i like Gould too just because its a new middle of the road QB who isn’t awful and can actually move the ball some. I think the Titans kicker should be great though too. Also teams that get a lot of 1st downs but are horrible in the red zone are good as well. Only conern is i just hope that Houston isn’t too much for SF. I think Gould will have a good floor with the possible upside.

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