Kicker ROS

Who should I keep for the rest of the season. I don’t like the idea of having two kickers.

LAC Badgley or HOU Fairbairn.

Fairbairn is currently on BYE, but after next week who should I keep?

It’s kicker so an accurate opinion is hard to get. I expect Texans are probably the offense that need to score most so I’d side Fairbairn assuming you have someone this week. But as I mentioned kicker is almost impossible to give opinions that aren’t total guesswork.

Appreciate your feedback! I have Fairbairn on my bench and picked up Badgley. Next week, I’ll drop one of them.

Badgley has a bye week 12 but I like him over Fairbairn

Thanks! Yeah I don’t want two kickers lol. Appreciate the help!